Sayulita is a famous magic town it is only one hour away from Puerto Vallarta Airport. Located along the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, the contrast between the sea and the lush vegetation almost on the shore of the beaches draws wonderful scenery. It is the perfect place for relaxing, practicing yoga, and the most popular activity; surf.

This small village has become the favorite for many through the past few years. With its colorful streets and its wonderful atmosphere that makes a relaxing and bohemian environment. Sayulita offers stunning bays to spend fantastic beach days on them, but also provides the perfect spot for surfing, with wild waves for the most daring people.

If you are not that kind of traveler, you can just sit on the shores of the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunny day. There are several restaurants around the town and you can also experiment with one of them and delight yourself with mouth-watering meals.

Don't miss the opportunity to admire and buy some handicrafts in the town, they are characteristic of this village. You can find true pieces of art through the Sayulita streets.



Sayulita is the perfect place for staying, discover all the accommodations for your next trip!

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