When you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, you probably want to visit the beaches, taste the local dishes, and explore Puerto Vallarta Nightclubs. Therefore, on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta, there are a few nightclubs you should know about:

La Santa La Santa - Puerto Vallarta Nightclubs

La Santa is a nightclub that exudes elegance and excitement. It features a poolside lounge, perfect for starting the night, and a massive dance floor for the ultimate party experience. The club is known for its electrifying atmosphere, enhanced by a stunning light show centered around a massive spotlight chandelier. The beats are provided by top Latin and international DJs, keeping the energy high until the early morning hours.

Strana Puerto Vallarta

Strana - Puerto Vallarta NightclubsStrana offers an extraordinary nightlife experience with its opulent design and immersive music. The club is known for its luxurious ambiance and captivating light displays, providing a surreal party environment. It’s a place where guests are transported to a world of high-end service and wild music, making it a favorite among those seeking a unique and memorable night out in Puerto Vallarta.

La Vaquita 

La Vaquita - Puerto Vallarta NightclubsLa Vaquita is a unique blend of a bar and nightclub, famous for its playful cow print décor and large-sized drink servings. This vibrant spot is known for its relaxed and fun atmosphere, making it a great choice for a night of carefree dancing and enjoyment. It’s particularly popular among a younger crowd, offering a lively and unpretentious setting for party-goers in Puerto Vallarta​​.

Mandala Puerto Vallarta

Mandala - Puerto Vallarta NightclubsMandala is a world-class nightclub that appeals to a wide audience with its relaxed dress code, diverse music selection, and inviting atmosphere. The club is a hotspot in Puerto Vallarta for both tourists and locals, featuring an extensive drink menu, top international DJs, and a welcoming environment. Whether you’re looking to dance all night or enjoy a cocktail with friends, Mandala offers an unforgettable experience​.

Roxy Rock House Puerto Vallarta Nightclub

Roxy Rock House - Puerto Vallarta Nightclubs

For those who love live music, Roxy Rock House is a must-visit. This lively dive bar is known for its electrifying rock and reggae music, attracting a spirited and often lively clientele. It’s an ideal spot for party-goers who want to immerse themselves in a vibrant music scene and enjoy a night of energetic dancing and fun.

Bar Morelos Puerto Vallarta

Bar Morelos - Puerto Vallarta Nightclubs

Bar Morelos is an upscale bar that brings together style and comfort. It features a sophisticated setting with wood trim, leather couches, and two fully stocked bars. The club’s inviting atmosphere is perfect for socializing, making it a popular choice for those looking to experience a chic and lively night in Puerto Vallarta.

ZOO Dance Bar Puerto Vallarta

Zoo Dance Bar - Puerto Vallarta NightclubsZoo Nightclub is renowned for its wild and exhilarating party atmosphere. Located on the pier, it is surrounded by popular clubs, making it a central spot for nightlife in Puerto Vallarta. The club lives up to its slogan “Where the wild things are!” offering a thrilling experience for those looking to enjoy a vibrant and energetic night out.