Los Muertos Beach Pier - Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Beach Pier, set in the vibrant Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, is more than just a pier; it’s a lively hub of culture, activity, and scenic beauty. As a central feature of Puerto Vallarta’s social and tourist scene, the pier offers a myriad of experiences.

A Stroll on the Pier

Walking along Los Muertos Pier is an experience unto itself. By day, enjoy the peaceful ambiance with stunning ocean views. At night, the pier transforms with colorful lights, creating a magical atmosphere perfect for a romantic or family stroll.

Water Activities and More

The pier serves as a launching point for numerous water activities. Here, you can embark on snorkeling trips, rent kayaks, or join fishing tours. Water taxis available at the pier offer unique adventures to nearby beaches and coves.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Surrounding the pier, a variety of restaurants and bars offer local and international cuisine, live music, and a lively night scene, immersing you in Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant nightlife.

Reliable Transportation Service

For a seamless experience, comfort in your journey is key. Puerto Vallarta Airport Transportation ensures reliable and efficient service from the airport to Los Muertos Beach Pier and other city destinations. Their wide range of transport options guarantees your visit to this iconic landmark is as enjoyable as it is comfortable.