Nuevo Vallarta Golf - Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta, a vibrant and luxurious destination nestled on Mexico’s Pacific coast, is a dream come true for golf enthusiasts. Offering a blend of lush landscapes, world-class golf courses, and impeccable services, Nuevo Vallarta Golf represents the pinnacle of golfing experiences. For those arriving through Puerto Vallarta Airport, the gateway to this golfer’s paradise is just a short ride away.

The Golfing Experience in Nuevo Vallarta

Golf in Nuevo Vallarta is more than a game; it’s an immersive experience set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty. From championship courses designed by golf legends to those offering panoramic ocean views, each round promises to be as challenging as it is scenic.

Premier Golf Courses in Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is a treasure trove for golf enthusiasts, boasting some of the most exquisite golf courses in Mexico, each with its unique appeal and set of challenges.

  • El Tigre Golf Club: This championship course, renowned for its challenging layout and immaculate conditions, offers a high-caliber playing experience. Features include wide fairways, strategically placed sand traps, and several water bodies, providing a balanced challenge for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta: This resort hosts multiple courses varying in style and difficulty, giving golfers the chance to experience different types of play in a single destination. The courses are framed by tropical landscapes and offer spectacular views, making them favorites among visitors.
  • Peninsula Golf Course: As a standout addition to the golf scene in Nuevo Vallarta, this course impresses with its innovative design and strategic use of the natural landscape. Each hole offers a unique experience, with stunning views and tactical challenges that will delight the most discerning golfers.

Best Time for Golf in Nuevo Vallarta

The ideal golf season in Nuevo Vallarta spans from November to May, when the weather is pleasantly warm, and the greens are at their best. This period also coincides with several golf tournaments and events, adding to the excitement.

Beyond Golf – The Nuevo Vallarta Experience

Nuevo Vallarta is not just about golf. It’s a destination that offers a rich tapestry of experiences – from luxurious resorts and spas to exquisite dining and vibrant nightlife. After a day on the greens, explore the charm and culture of this dynamic region.

Convenient Access from Puerto Vallarta Airport

Reaching Nuevo Vallarta is hassle-free, thanks to the proximity to Puerto Vallarta Airport. A variety of Puerto Vallarta Airport Transportation options are available, ensuring a quick and comfortable transfer to your golfing destination.

Accommodations for Golfers

Stay in style at one of the many golf-centric resorts in Nuevo Vallarta. These accommodations often offer special packages and amenities geared towards golfers, including shuttle services to courses, golf club storage, and tee-time reservations.